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I've got no professional goal 🤯

publishedover 1 year ago
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Goals, they're tricky, well at least for me...

I've never met a professional goal, ever. Even back in my coprate SMART goal days, they came and went. This week I was focusing on goal setting but quickly realized they were all focused on me as a person, not me as a professional. I was concerned at first but later realized, that's okay.

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  • Focing goal setting.


  • You don't always need a goal.


  • Be present. It's okay to not always have a goal for some futher thing.
  • Forget goals, at least for a while and focus on yourself. Add in meditation or step away.
  • Even the best thought out goals sometimes or in my case, always go unmet, so don't fret if you can't come up with one right now.

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This week I sat down with Jerine Nicole, a RN by day and multi passionate creator by night. With a passion for writing, she built a template for online writers to easily keep track of their writing and analyze their data. A deep discussion on embracing your multi passions and how to set up a mindful plan to leave corporate while entering the creator economy.

Her insights on failure: "When you're struggling with something it could be because that's not who you want to be or to be online. Use being confused as a signal to what needs to be changed in the current situation or process that you are in."

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