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How do you find clients is the wrong question

publishedover 1 year ago
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"How do you find clients" is the wrong question!

I got a great DM this past week asking how I went about finding clients and letting me know they were going to quit their job and go full time freelance but weren't sure how to go about it. I smiled, this was the same question I asked endless people when I started my journey. Turns out no one told me it was the wrong question!


  • Finding clients isn't the first step. I spent months jumping in and out of every group on FB, Slack and in virtual conferences/meetups trying to find clients. They never came.


  • I was looking for transactions instead of building relationships. When it comes to finding clients, it's a natural progression once you start to build relationships. It takes time, years in fact, but the benefits you'll gain will far surpass anything money can buy.


  • Write down 5 places you can start "meeting" people
    • Social Media channels
    • Online Events
    • Online Communities
    • Covid permitting - in person get togethers
  • Check out the communities on Community Findr to see where people you can connect with hang out!
  • Start a conversation with one person over the next week. Not just a DM that says Hi, a thoughtful message to someone you want to get to know.

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My guest was Marc LG, who shared how he went from 3rd employee at a startup and stayed on through IPO but left when it became too corporate. An indie hacker for over 10 years he shared how his initial product success then followed with 4 years of downtime and less successful products until he recently launched PowerImporter. He shared the struggles with depression the goal to build a life he wanted filled with learning Judo in the middle of the day and spending time with his kids.

His advice: "I took two years worth of savings and said I'm investing this much on myself and if it doesn't work out, I'm pretty confident I can get a job again. The longer the runway you can save up before doing it is best and you can always supplement with freelancing."

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