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publishedover 1 year ago
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Lots has been happening since April, so what's next?...

I'm pivoting, again, but really it's more like going back to my roots. I started this journey knowing I wanted to help other creatives succeed. I knew my skills in organization and operations with a no bullshit approach could help creators making $100K + scale to their next thing. The problem: I didn't know how to make that work. After 18 months of figuring it out, trying on lots of different "hats", I finally feel like I am starting to figure out how to make my skills work for me.

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  • Taking on the identity of the things you're trying to learn in hopes of turning them into success.


  • Trying new things, learning new skills and experimenting with different roles makes your natural skills stronger. Sometimes we think we want to be something other than we are. When we realize how valuable we are, everything feels natural.


  • Don't let strangers on the internet tell you who you are, but do listen to their clues. They questions they ask and things they reach out to you for are valuable pieces.
  • Do the hard work. That's a lot of introspection, journaling, thinking, crying and a ton of self-kindness along the way.
  • You'll change your mind, almost daily. Lean into it, follow the rollercoster, it's a necessary ride, so buckle up and smile.

This week on Talks With SaraNoSocks

This week I sat down with the rock and support system behind my journey, my husband Brooks. This is a vulnerable converastion on what it means to watch and support your spouse/partner on the soloporener journey.

His insights on my failure so far: "You've had a lot of teaching moments that are failures. You have to faill to understand if this is going to be the right thing for you to do."

Full episode drops Friday, July 2nd at 12:00 am PST.

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