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Toxic Generosity😕

publishedover 1 year ago
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Giving too much away can be a bad thing, for you...

Toxic generosity, well that's what I am calling it anyway. When you give away everything, leaving nothing for yourself often using it as a procrastination technique. See I have been procrastinate going all in on myself and my goals by spending the last 18 months helping others build business and grow communities. Oops 🙃

While I don't regret anything I have done, it's time to start turning that generosity on myself first.

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  • Using generosity as a procrastination technique to delay your own goals.


  • Helping others without helping yourself first will always set you up for failure.


  • If you're helping others meet their goals, be sure it's helping you meet yours too! Better yet, get paid, time isn't infinite, use it wisely
  • Say no, a lot. In fact say no to anything and everything that isn't bringing you closer to your why and the goals to help you meet it.

This week on Talks With SaraNoSocks

This week I sat down with Rob Hardy, founder of Ungated, which he describes as "an oasis for creators who are committed to the long game of business. No get rich quick schemes. No "growth hacks." Just actionable strategies for building a creative business that stands the test of time. No gatekeepers required." and The Citizen within ,tackling the political landscape. Rob is sharing his fails as a creator, how he's pivoting to the gift economy model and everything else in-between to help creators succeed.

His insights on failure: "I spent five-ish years building a business that wasn't in alignment with my values. I was buying into marketing hype that was never in alignment with my values, that it had me showing up in the world in ways that I wasn't necessarily proud of. I had to feel the the discordance of all of these these strategies with my values and how I want to be. In order for me to know, firmly, resolutely, that. That's not how I want to be in the in the world with my next business and whatever, whatever else comes up in the future."

Full episode drops Friday, July 16th at 12:00 am PST.

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