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Slowing down & taking your own advice 🐌

publishedover 1 year ago
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Slow down to move forward, really?...

Slowing down and taking your own advice. For me these go hand in hand, but maybe not for you, so let's look at them individually, Slowing down creators have a tendency to go go go. We enjoy what we do so much that we don't ever actually stop and take a break. We don't slow down to think about how what we're doing fits into the larger picture of what we want to be doing. Eventually you will come to a point no matter how much you enjoy something that you'll naturally slow down, lean into it and use the time to reflect rather than push through. So how does that fit in with taking your own advice? You can't work 24/7, it's not healthy or sustainable. You should take time off to recharge, unplug & step away. But I wasn't doing this, I was leaving the screen but still thinking about all the things I "should be doing".

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  • Pushing through natural slow downs and not truly unplugging.


  • The harder I tried, the worse I felt, the less that happened and the more difficult everything in my life became.
  • When I slowed down, thinking clarified and opportunities emerged.


  • Everything works in cycles. We are human after all. Pay attention to your own energy and lean further into the slow downs.
  • You can push yourself too hard, even when it's something you love. Take breaks to avoid burnout.
  • Context is everything, but my advice to others is something I always need to hear. Taking my own words to heart and putting them into action is harder than it seems but worth it.

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This week I sat down with Janet Yen, who by day is building Athena a new way to engage with video. By night she's sharing her founder journey, thoughts on mental health and the journey to unlearn 15 years of corporate as you become an entrepreneur.

Her insights on failure: "I think I spent a lot of time comparing myself to other people. Whether it's they're younger than me and they seem like they're more successful than me. They started doing their own thing earlier and I should have too because I knew that I wanted to go down that path. And when I think about how much time I spent kind of doing that comparison. It just seems like it was so much time and energy wasted. It's unnecessary to do that because everyone moves at a different timeline."

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