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publishedover 1 year ago
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I miss corporate, but not how you might think...

Let's face it, having a traditional job is easier. You just need to show up, do your job and go home. I miss that feeling. I've been feeling like I can't keep my head above water for the last few months drowning under the weight of having to do it all. I think we're kidding ourselves if we aren't honest with our feelings, especially when it comes to being on this solo journey. So at least once a week, when life is hard and I am feeling overwhelmed by having to do it all, I absolutely miss the ease of a corporate role. Share your thoughts on the Twitter thread.​

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  • Thinking you can do it all and turn it off when you are your business.


  • Find the balance, hire help or take a full time role to move you forward.


  • Being honest with yourself on what you're good at, what you can afford to outsource and what you need will move you forward.
  • Never say never. Hard and fast rules will just create unnecessary friction but being honest with yourself will help you make the best decisions for you at that moment.

This week on Talks With SaraNoSocks


This week I sat down with Rosie Sherry, a lifelong community builder. Rosie is the co-founder of Ministry of Testing, bootstrapped to 7 figures, former Community Manager of Indie Hackers, Founder of Rosieland, & currently runs community for Orbit and Indie Women. When she's not busy with all things community she's unschooling her 5 kiddos and sharing all her thoughts on how to build amazing communities.

Her insights on failure: " I genuinely believe that there needs to be something in place to maintain community. I think a lot of people think that, oh, you set a foundation for community, you set the3right culture, and then it will continue growing and working. Sure, there might be some outlier cases of that kind of happening, I think anything and everything in time will decline if it's not nurtured in the right kind of way. I would say get to know people. Experiment working with people and build relationships before jumping into anything."

Full episode drops Friday, July 23rd at 12:00 am PST.

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