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Happiness is a heavy topic...

I realized last week that I wasn't actually happy. I think we sometimes confuse happiness in a moment with overarching happiness. Are you happy because you have XY and Z thing or are you taking it one level deeper? What are you doing that makes you happy? What could you be doing more of that would make you maybe a little bit happier?

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  • Trying to reinvent myself to "become" a creator.


  • Focus on your strengths and use them to your advange in any field.


  • Your skillset whether you're born with them or developed them through professional & personal endevors are what sets you apart. Use what you're good at!
  • Translating your professional skills into the creator economy is a valuable asset. Look for holes and needs in the market to set yourself apart.
  • Don't try to monetize skills you are still learning. Yes you can provide value to those a few steps behind, but you will suffer from imposter syndrome and will be less likely to succeed, at least that was my experience.

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This week I sat down with Harry Harrington, actor by day, no coder by night. Harry is the Community Manager for LaunchMBA, founder and builder of The Cast Hub.
His insights on failure: "I have not got a job, and you're immediately down, you try and pick yourself up and you can't help it. It's really tough and then a better job comes along and you go for it and you get it. That does happen. That's a great lesson and one that can be applied to loads of things. And it really is that clichΓ© that when one door closes, another one opens. And it's just true and something you have to constantly remind yourself about as a creative, as a freelancer. Maybe less "everything happens for a reason" and more, you have no control so just forget about it and let go."

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